Life Is About How We React
Often times we are overwhelmed with our situation, making it difficult to put one foot in front of the other.

However if we choose a direction and create some momentum we find that there is no limit to what we can accomplish. That is what “Life Is About How We React” is all about.

In this speech, Kyle uses engaging stories from his tens of thousands of miles on the road to deliver a dynamic, inspiring, and highly entertaining presentation. A pants-less bookseller in Arizona, a 10,000 ft. pass in Colorado, and a 10 year old boy 100 miles from the RAAM finish line are some of the poignant stories that will inspire, motivate, and delight your audience.

Are you ready to take the step and start building momentum? Your organization will thank you for it..

Rare Disease
Diagnosis of a rare disease can be a devastating situation. Debilitating symptoms, complicated and confusing medical jargon, and an unsure future are factors sure to stop anyone in their tracks. Our minds immediately go to the worst case scenario: life is over.

Kyle’s life turned around when he met others in a similar situation dealing with rare disease. He met amazing people who were successful and happy despite their disease and he began to construct the actual reality of rare disease in his life.

Kyle’s stories of transition to a wheelchair, talking about his disease with friends, and reconstructing his vision of the future are sure to relate and his humor and passion come to the forefront in his talk for a rare disease audience.

Adaptive Sports
When Kyle was diagnosed with FA he figured it was the beginning of the end, life was over. However through adaptive sports Kyle became empowered to take on anything that life throws his way.

Kyle says “My trike is like my Superman suit. When I ride, I feel powerful, like I can accomplish anything”

In this talk Kyle relates his experiences of discovering adaptive sports and watching it positively transform many aspects of his life. With his down to earth style and his pragmatic point of view, Kyle delivers a presentation that is sure to connect.