Month: May 2013

My STOKR 2013 – The whole story.

It all started when I forgot to pack my spare tire on my way to Montana.  My right front tire had been bald for a couple weeks (same tires I used in RAAM in 2010!) and I kept meaning to change it.  It finally got to the point that I figured I would just change Read More …

Got The Nerve?

Quick update: I finished the STOKR century last weekend on a blown and thoroughly patched tire. The makeshift patch held for 40 miles! My next event kinda snuck up on me. I am doing the Got The Nerve? Triathlon tomorrow! Its a sprint distance and it’s my first triathlon! I am nervous but excited!

Preparing to get STOKRed!

The STOKR (Scenic Tour of the Kootenai River) is a two day bike tour in Libby, MT. Uncle Steve lives in Libby and has done the STOKR in the past so this year he invited me to come get STOKERed with him and my cousin Ashley. We are planning to do the first day (98 Read More …